This blog is amazing! The articles and contents are well-written. Very informative and some of them are intriguing, which is what I like! I’ve had questions before and asked them about it. Their staff answered me politely and my curiosity about porn industry was then satisfied. 

Anabel B.


Simply amazing work. Excellent and informative. I’ve learned many things which were not apparent in porn sites.

Patrick D.


Great work! Along with my partner, we read their updates every night just before we do it. Why? Because some articles talk about porn stars and their actual lives on and off the set. It’s hot, you know? 🙂

Rami J.


Posts are good, contents are top-notched. What else could anyone want?

Alex B.


I loved how they narrate the story of our Californian porn stars. Some were truly relatable and it makes us realize they’re also humans. No need to pity though, the local porn industry helped them and it seems they have no regrets. Looking forward to your new featured local porn star.

M Z.


Really entertaining. I effectively kill my time by reading their posts. Thanks!

Darryle P.