Sex toys have arrived in the middle of society and have become a real lifestyle product. Stylish and high quality sex toys do not have to hide, but decorate bedrooms and even living room shelves in an erotic way. According to a study, 32% of people use sex toys regularly to make love life more exciting. Even outside of fixed relationships, such as casual dating, sex toys are often used together.

Love toys as a stimulating component

At Secret you will find many suitable partners with a preference for erotic toys. So what could be better than using these toys not only in solo sex, but also in Secret- Date? Finally, vibrators and dildos bring a stimulating component in your lovemaking and reliably perform the freestyle. Especially for women it is not always easy to come to a climax with a new partner. With a vibrator or dildo for additional stimulation, you can go on ecstatic flights at one-night stands and short-term affairs. More over flesh light vs. pocket pussies is also like hot chocolate among the sex lovers.

Electrifying extra kick

For the man, a vibrator means no competition. Because with passion, hot kisses and warm skin, such a sex toy cannot serve. Watching each other at a solo number with a vibrator provides a sexy extra kick. In addition, more sex toys for pleasurable games offer: for example, discrete anal beads that can be worn as a secret at the date in the cafe and increase the anticipation of the love game.

Fun with sex toys – but sure!

In general, own and foreign sex toys should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected – or better still be used with a condom when buying sex toys, make sure that the products are made of high quality, medical grade silicone, contain no plasticizers, and are technically safe.

Do it yourself: sex toys from the household

Even in the household you will find plenty of sex toys whether kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or balcony: Your apartment is full of little helpers who support you in love affairs. Classic sex toys from the kitchen are phallically shaped fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, zucchini, and carrots and of course bananas. Depending on your preference, they can be cooled in the refrigerator or warmed by hand beforehand. Large, seedless grapes are chilled a dry alternative to love games with ice cubes.

A clean thing

Who has not been ecstatic on a washing machine while spinning? Also a classic among the lucky household appliances is the electric toothbrush: It puts every conventional edition vibrator in terms of power and endurance in the shade. Charlotte Roche extensively describes the use of a shower head in her novel “Wetlands”. Coconut oil or the marrow of an aloe vera plant is natural and pleasant lubrication variants.

Dangerous inheritances

Even grandma knew what fun was: Connect your sweetheart’s eyes with a silk scarf, stroke with a feather and carefully wrap a string of pearls during a blowjob for his best piece. As sex toys for SM fans, clothes pegs or cling film are found in every apartment, promising visually additional stimuli not only as a fixing tool but also as a second skin. For convenience, it is often enough to put a packet of Ahoy effervescent or strong mints in your mouth. Have fun trying!

The edition avatar can bring new tensions and passion into everyday life. He is not only suitable for common foreplay in bed. Even for sensuous hours alone edition vibrators are pleasurable companions. This sex toy is available for women, but also for men.

If you are looking for an erotic everyday adventure, you can also wear the support vibrator while cooking. The important thing is that he does not make loud buzzing sounds, otherwise you will quickly be unmasked. Or are you maybe just on this adrenalin kick?

You can choose between different shapes and intensities. It is best to visit a sex shop in your area and check out the different vibrators. A first test on the palm can help with the selection. Of course, if you’re shy, you can also go to online stores and have the sex toys sent home.

You decide what you like and can do that depending on your needs. It is important to clean the vibrator well before using it for the first time. Many shops offer suitable disinfectants for sex toys. You should also make use of these after use.

The support vibrator is well suited for beginners and offers many ways to heat up your sex life vigorously. Just indulge in a few teasing games and enjoy the gentle vibrations in her lap. The rest comes naturally.

Why men feel threatened by sex toys

It is probably the biggest fear of any man: The girlfriend is not busy with the sex and gets fun with sex toys. Experts explain what goes on in the head of a man and why the subject of sex toys is so sensitive.

To understand why men are so sensitive about sex toys, you first need to know how men treat themselves and their sexuality. For every man, and I really mean every man, his sexuality is part of his identity. It’s something you use to pretend to your friends or keep you covered when other men have more in your chest. Sex is like the penis. You can say a lot about it, but you must never question it! It would be a direct attack on masculinity. But this is exactly what she does around the corner. She questions his qualities. Whether this is true does not matter at all. As I said, it is a direct attack on his masculinity.

You may now think that this way of thinking corresponds to the total stereotype. And that’s right. But what should we do? Some clichés also correspond to the truth. Especially since the satisfaction of the woman also offers a certain claim. Of course, I prefer only the comparison to the man here. For some men, the woman’s orgasm is a real challenge. And the man is aware of that. And now imagine, these men, the girlfriend then comes with a sex toy. A burden on the relationship is inevitable. I would like to emphasize here that this is all about partnership. At a one-night stand, a woman can do whatever she wants.