All The Little Known Facts You’ve Ever Wondered About The Porn Industry

In an AskReddit thread on Thursday, someone posed the question, “Porn Actors of Reddit, what is something [that] viewers REALLY don’t know?” And the porn actors, directors, and assistants of Reddit were more than happy to answer! Spoiler alert, if you don’t already know much about the behind the scenes of the porn industry and you also enjoy porn, you may want to steer clear, because this peek behind the curtain might just ruin porn for you forever. Unless you get turned on by enemas and “the smell,” in which case, go right ahead. But you’ve been warned.

On why porn is an extremely unrealistic portrayal on how real people have sex:

Adult actress here. I know people say they know this- but viewers really don’t understand how LONG it takes to film a video and how FAKE it all is. I’ve been in over forty pornos, they’re usually half

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Pornography Facts and Statistics

With the advent of the internet, pornography has become more and more widely available. A considerable portion of the internet is devoted to pornography sites, and viewership among adults and minors is on the rise.

The ease of access to porn both enables a high rate of porn addiction and makes treatment a greater challenge. Pornography use and addiction come with a negative stigma from religious and social groups. Although addiction to porn can interfere with a healthy lifestyle and relationships, this social pressure can make those with the disorder afraid to speak out or seek treatment. Knowing the facts about porn addiction can help people recognize porn addiction and know how to find help for themselves or someone they know.

Prevalence of Pornography

Around 12% of all webpages are pornographic. As the internet grows exponentially, the amount of porn on the internet swells as well. However, the amount of …

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What The Coronavirus Has Done To The Porn Industry

Many industries in the U.S. have been dramatically impacted by COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, in recent days — and that includes the porn industry.

Since Wednesday night alone, In rapid succession, Trump banned travel to 26 European countries; the NBA suspended their season; and beloved actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson announced they tested positive for coronavirus.

For several weeks there have been cries for people to practice social distancing and working from home, if possible. But for many people — such as those in food service, drivers, and delivery people — that is not a luxury they have.

Many porn performers, of course, fall into that category.

Conversations about the coronavirus in the adult industry began as they would in any other industry, according to spokesperson for Michael Stabile. He compared it to guidance from the CDC: Work from home if you …

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Where Porn Stars Actually Hang Out in LA

San Fernando Valley is a sun-drenched, suburban enclave in southern California. You may know it by another name: Porn Valley.

(There’s also “Silicone Valley” and “San Pornando Valley.” Clever.)

Since the 1970s, the hills above Hollywood have played host to a booming pornography industry. A majority of American sex films are shot there in warehouses and private homes — helping the San Fernando Valley rake in $4 billion in annual sales in its ’90s heyday.

How did an out-of-the-way desert suburb become the porn capital of the world? Location, location, location.

At its onset, the porn industry stretched across Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, where the entertainment industry concentrated. As Paul Fishbein, cofounder of AVN Media Network (porn’s trade media organization) explained to the Associated Press in 2002, the business migrated to San Fernando Valley because of “low rents and access to the mainstream movie business.”


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California Law Would Allow Anyone to Sue Porn Studios if They Don’t See A Condom On Screen

Though a number of past ballot initiatives aiming at requiring porn actors to wear condoms on screen have failed, a new California effort is gaining steam, but with an added twist: It would allow any viewers who see pornography without condoms to call out the porn studios that made that bareback porn.

The California Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act, which the California-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation is spearheading, would “enable whistleblowers and private citizens to pursue violators of the act where the state fails to do so.” Backers of the initiative say they have enough signatures to make statewide ballots in November 2016.

The measure is designed to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. If approved, it would impose a number of provisions regarding the production of pornographic films, while also opening violators to civil liability. Theoretically, anyone in California who sees a pornographic video in which

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Fearing California Condom Law, Kink Porn Studio Opens Facilities in Vegas

California porn studio, which last year came under scrutiny for a condom-free production in which a woman who afterward turned up HIV-positive had performed, said this week that it’s opening facilities in Las Vegas.
The company, which was investigated by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) following the August HIV scare, says it’s preparing for the possibility of mandatory condom use for adult video in the Golden State.

In a statement, the company says the opening of production and office space would pave the way …

“ … for the world’s largest fetish entertainment company to move additional production out of its San Francisco Armory headquarters, should the controversial [condom bill] AB1576 condom bill pass the California state Senate next month.”

Kink says it has already wrapped up a couple “movies” in Las Vegas with no trouble from local authorities.
The making of adult video is …

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When did the porn industry have a surge of demand with their videos?

The last year and a half was everything but regular. With the appearance of COVID-19, our world has changed forever. From the way we see flue-like symptoms to how we work and interact with others — nothing is the same anymore. However, it’s not just about washing your hands and wearing face masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus. It’s also about sex and how and how much we consume pornography.


During the first few months of the pandemic, the demand for videos in the porn industry was at an all-time high. This surge sprung numerous social media platforms with premium, exclusive-only content to skyrocket — we’re looking at you, OnlyFans. Moreover, the biggest and most well-known porn tube site, Pornhub, was all about taking the opportunity. After allowing users in some countries to watch premium content, they would extend their policy for the rest of the world.

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Getting to know pleasure through anal beads

When it comes to rough and wild world of anal play, anal beads plays the most important role. This anal beads are specifically designed for beginners and it relatively gives good result. Though are many sex toys available, to begin with the pleasurable momenta, anal beads will play the most important and special role. Anal beads acts as the massage when it is inserted in the body, the actual pleasure is during the removal of the beads. The biggest benefit of this anal beads is, it little bit boosts the mood just before the orgasm. The key feel you will get when you actually remove it. While inserting the anal beads it acts as the massage to the body. When the beads are removed one by one, it acts as the boost that helps the mood to be stable and enjoy the present moment.

It is important to know the …

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Arrival of the love toys and its journey to our daily life

Sex toys have arrived in the middle of society and have become a real lifestyle product. Stylish and high quality sex toys do not have to hide, but decorate bedrooms and even living room shelves in an erotic way. According to a study, 32% of people use sex toys regularly to make love life more exciting. Even outside of fixed relationships, such as casual dating, sex toys are often used together.

Love toys as a stimulating component

At Secret you will find many suitable partners with a preference for erotic toys. So what could be better than using these toys not only in solo sex, but also in Secret- Date? Finally, vibrators and dildos bring a stimulating component in your lovemaking and reliably perform the freestyle. Especially for women it is not always easy to come to a climax with a new partner. With a vibrator or dildo for …

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